Tri-Way Drive-In
A permit must be purchased to bring in food or beverages from outside the drive-in. The cost is $10 per vehicle. (Cash Only)

Any vehicle sharing food/beverages from another vehicle, must also buy a permit as well.

Vehicles inside the drive-in theatre with outside food/beverages without a permit will be charged double for a food/beverage permit (i.e. $20) or ejected from the drive-in. Please be honest with the security guards at the entrance !

Wherever you are, help keep drive-in theatre's in business. Patronize your drive-in concession stand.
Thank you!

In order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for every patron, patrons agree by entering the Tri-way Drive-In Theatre to abide by the following rules (i.e. purchase of a ticket entitles the ticket holder the privilege to be on the premises. which is private property).


  1. Retain your tickets. Do not discard stubs!
  2. If you leave the theatre, you must pay to re-enter.
  3. The speed limit is 5 MPH.
  4. Outside food and beverages are prohibited without the purchase of a food & beverage permit at the ticket booth before you enter the theatre. As per conditions of the permit, you may not share food or drink with persons who came in other vehicles. THIS POLICY WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  5. Daytime lights: Please use ONLY your parking lights when entering the theatre In the case of daytime lights, you may have to cover your headlights with brown paper or newspaper and masking tape if you don't have a switch in your car to turn them off. Please be sure to remove your headlight covering as you leave the theatre!
  6. Vans, trucks, hightops, jeeps, SUV's, "Sorry no RV's": Restricted parking on Friday & Saturday nights, and other designated nights around the holidays until after Labor Day. Designated areas where these vehicles may park on restricted nights:

    Screen #1: Gray-colored poles: outer 2 poles near entrance & exit, all of Ramp #6 & 7, and Ramp #8 (from entrance side to center lights)

    Screen #2: Light green colored poles: Last 2 Ramps in Screen #2 field (I.E. Ramps #8 & #9: beyond center lights in theatre).

    Screen #3: Orange-colored poles (Ramps #9 & 10) in Screen #3 field.
  7. Liftgates, hatches & doors may no be raised higher than the top clearance.
  8. GOLDEN RULE : One vehicle, one space,  -- THANK YOU; Each vehicle is entitled to one space (i.e. there are two parking spaces between each pole). Please park close enough to allow for another vehicle. If you are enjoying the show out of your vehicle, sit in front of your vehicle.
  9. Be considerate of the people around you. Do not raise voices, radios, or make noises loud enough to disturb other patrons.
  10. Shoes must be worn at all times by all persons. NO EXCEPTIONS! Do not carry shoeless children.
  11. Obscene language or profanity will not be tolerated.
  12. No running!! Go with your children when they leave the car!
  13. The playground closes when the show begins.
  14. Alcoholic beverages & glass containers are prohibited on theatre property.
  15. Please don't sound your horn. Notify someone in the concession stand or security if a problem exists.
  16. Laser pointers are forbidden anywhere in the theatre!!
  17. Carbon monoxide is poisonous. DO NOT leave your car engine running!
  18. Your may not cook, grill, or in any way prepare food on the premises.
  19. You may switch screens after the first feature movie of the screen you purchased your tickets for ,but at your own peril (i.e. we do not guarantee a parking space on the screen your switching to and a patron switching screens must abide by the policies of the theatre as a patron does for the first feature; and as per our regular policy, you may not park on one screen field and watch a movie on another screen ; If a technical issue occurs on the screen you switched to,but didn't buy your tickets for, no refund will be issued). 


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